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Dr. Darryl Owings

District Six Administrative Personnel

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A - D

Mrs. Mitzi Aiken, Administrative Assistant for Transportation 

Susan Anthony, Social Worker

Mrs. Brandi Bailey, Accounts Payable Service

Mrs. Vicki Bishop, Director of Elementary Music Education

Mrs. Debbie Brock, Instruction Secretary

Mr. Brian Calsing, Chief Information Officer

Dr. Gregory Cantrell, Deputy Superintendent for Operations & Personnel

Mrs. Luanne Crook, Administrative Assistant for Student Services and Transportation

Mr. Omar Daniels, Assistant Superintendent for Finance

Dr. Cindy Doolittle, Director of Mathematics

E - H

Ms. Judy Edwards, Director of Health Services

Dr. Alan Eggert, Assistant Superintendent for Special Services

Mr. Travis Fisher - Director of Culinary Services

Mr. Joey Gardner, Director of Instructional Technology

Mr. Perry Gentry, Director of Transportation

Ms. Cherise Gregory, Accounting Clerk

Mrs. Linda R. Gregory, Special Education and Gifted/Talented Secretary

Dr. Donna Gutshall, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Mrs. Renée Hammett, Administrative Assistant for Instruction

Mrs. Brenda Hart, Receptionist

Mrs. Bonita Hedrick, Finance Secretary

Mrs. Janet Holmes, Coordinator for Special Services

I - L

Mr. Mark Kirkland, Director of Maintenance and Construction
(864) 576-1156

Mr. Raymond Ladoucer, Network Administrator

Mrs. Carol Lewis, Business & Technology Secretary

M - P

Mrs. Heather McAbee, Payroll Clerk

Mrs. Shelly McCall, Food Services Clerk

Mrs. Annie Means, Director of Federal Programs and Administration

Dr. Nora Moore, Director of Spartanburg County Public Virtual School, Testing and Social Studies

Dr. Jill Morris, Director of Gifted and Talented

Mr. Dylan Nitzkororski, Coordinator of Farm to School

Mrs. Cynthia Powell, Food Services Coordinator

Ms. Jennifer Pye, Special Services Secretary

Q - T

Mrs. Debbie Steadings, Benefits Administrator

Mrs. Cynthia Robinson, Chief Communications Officer

Mr. Trevor Robinson, Financial Procurement Officer

Mrs. Whitney Stancil, Director of STEM/PLTW

Mrs. Debbie Steadings, Medicaid Procurement Clerk

Mrs. Kim Thompson, Administrative Assistant for Operations and Personnel

Mr. Thomas Tucker, Director of Art Education

U - Z

Mrs. Lynn Waddell, Administrative Assistant for Superintendent and Board of Trustees

Mrs. Sunshine Wilson, Instructional Secretary 

Mrs. Shawn Wootton, Director of Elementary/Middle School Instruction and Data

Mr. Jerry Wyatt, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Transportation

Mrs. Kelli Wyatt, Human Resources/Payroll Administrative Assistant