Sec. A - School District Organization




  Policy Code

  Policy Name  
  Date Approved/Rescinded  

 AA  School District Legal Status  3/6/2006
 AB  Board of Trustees Legal Status  6/5/2000
 ABA  School Board Authority  1/15/1974
 ABB  Board Powers and Duites  11/3/2003
 ABC  Board Member Legal Status  1/15/1974
 ABCA  Number of Board Members  1/15/1974
 ABCB  Board Member Qualifications  3/1998
 ABCC  Board Member Term of Office  11/1988
 ABCD  Board Member Method of Election  3/6/2006
 ABCDA  Unexpired Term Fulfillment  9/1996
 ABCE  Resignation  9/1996
 ABCF  Removal from Office  6/5/2000
 ABD  School Superintendent Legal Status  Prior to 1974
 AC  School District Organization Plan  3/6/2006
 ACDA  Tobacco Use (Rescinds JCDAA)  6/4/2012
 AD  School Attendance Areas  1979
 ADC  Tobacco Use  2/9/2015
 ADF  School Wellness  5/25/2017
 AE  School Year  6/1988
 AEA  School Calendar  1979
 AEAA/AEAB  School Holidays and Vacations  1979
 AEBA  Summer School  Rescinded 3/6/2006
 AF  School Day  3/6/2006
 AFC  Emergency Closings - Replaced by EBBD  11/4/2006