Sec. B - School Board Operations

 Policy Code   Policy Name  Date Approved/Rescinded
 School Board Goals and Objectives 11/1/1999 
 Internal Organization 9/1996 
 BBA  School Board Officers
 BBAA  Method of Election of Board Officers 11/5/2007
 BBABA  Duties of Board Chairman 3/6/2006
 BBABB  Duties of Board Vice-Chairman 10/1/1990
 BBABC  Duties of Board Secretary 10/5/1987
 BBABE  Duties of Board Treasurer 1979
 BBBA  Duties of Board Members 1/15/1974
 BBBB  New Member Orientation and Development Opportunities
 BBBE  Board Member Compensation and Expenses 1/15/1974
 BBC  Board Committees 3/6/2006
 BBD  Board/School Superintendent Relations 1979
 BBE  School Attorney 1979
 BBF  School Improvement Councils (Advisory Committees) 11/1995
 BBG  Board Consultants 1979
 BCAA  Annual Organizational Meeting Rescinded 3/6/2006
 BCAB  Regular Board Meetings 3/6/2006
 BCAC  Special Board Meetings  1980
 BCAD  Adjourned Board Meetings  1979 
 BCBB  Board Meeting Notification  10/1/2001
 BCBD  Agenda 1980
 BCBE  Distribution of Materials 1979
 BCBF  Rules of Order 1979
 BCBFA  Quorum  Prior to 1975
 BCBFB  Suspension of the Rules   1979
 BCBG  Voting Method 1979
 BCBH  Minutes
 BCBI  Public Participation in Board Meetings  3/6/2006
 BCBJ  Board Meetings News Coverage 1979
 BCBJB  Board Meeting Broadcasting and Taping 1979
 BCBK  Executive Sessions 6/1988
 BCBL  Review of Board Procedures 1979
 BD  Policy Development 6/1988
 BDA  Policy Development System 1979
 BDAA  Policy Draft Writer 1980
 BDB  Policy Drafting 1980
 BDBA  Attorney Involvement in Policy Development 10/5/1987
 BDBB  Staff Involvement in Policy Development 1979
 BDBC  Community Involvement in Policy Development 1979
 BDBD  Student Involvement in Policy Involvement 1979
 BDC  Policy Adoption 1996
 BDD  Policy Dissemination 6/1988
 BDE  Policy Review 1979
 BDF  Review of Administrative Rules 1979
 BDG  Administration in Policy Absence 1979
 BDH  Suspension of Policies 1980
 BE  Board Records  1979
 BF  Annual School and District Reports 9/1996
 BGA  School Boards Association  1979
 BH  Code of Ethics for School Board Members 4/1994
 BHA  Board Member Conflict of Interest  10/03/2011