Sec. C - General School Admin.

 Policy Code        Policy Name   Date Approved/Rescinded      
CA  General Administration Goals and Objectives  1980 
CBE School Administrator Code of Ethics  1980
CCA Organizational Chart 11/01/1999
CD Line and Staff Relations  1980 
CEA Qualifications of Superintendent  1980 
CEB  Duties of Superintendent  1980 
CEC  School Superintendent Recruitment  1980 
CED   Appointment of Superintendent  3/06/2006 
CEE  School Superintendent Compensation and Benefits  1980 
CEG  Superintendent's Professional Development Opportunities  1980 
CEI  Evaluation of Superintendent  3/06/2006 
CEJ/CEK  Superintendent Separation/Resignation  1979 
CF  Board-Superintendent Relations  See Policy BBD 
CG  Administrative Personnel Section  8/1988 
CGA  Administrative Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts  8/1988
CGB Administrative Personnel Positions 1980
CGBA  Administrative Positions Qualifications and Duties  8/1988 
CGE  Administrative Personnel Assignment  3/06/2006 
CGI  Administrative Personnel Evaluation 3/06/2006
CGL/CGM  Administrative Personnel - Compulsory Transfer and Separation  1980 
CGN  Administrative Personnel Resignation 1980 
CGPA  Administrative Personnel - Health Examinations  See Policy GBRA 
CGPAA  Communicable Diseases - District Personnel 6/1998 
CGPAAA  Communicable Diseases - Contract Service Provider  6/1998 
CGPAB  Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan  3/06/2006 
CGPB  Administrative Personnel Time Schedules  8/1988 
CGPFA  Sabbatical Leave  5/1994 
CGPG  Leaves and Absences  4/06/2009 
CGPGC  Long Term Maternity Leave  5/1994 
CGPGD  Military Leave for Administrative Personnel  11/5/1990 
CI  Administrative Intern Program  Rescinded - 3/06/2006
CK  Administrative Personnel Profession Development Opportunities  2/04/1985 
CM  Policy Implementation 1980 
CMA  Administrative Rules  1980 
CMAA  Administrative Rules Drafting   1980 
CMB  Administration in Policy Absence  See Policy BDG 
CNA  School Deregulation Plan  3/1990 
CO  Administrative Reports  See Policy BF