Sec. E - Business Management

Policy Code       Policy Name Date Approved/Rescinded     
EA  Business Management Goals and Objectives  1980 
EB Building and Grounds Management Warning Systems  4/10/2006 
EBBB  Warning Systems  1980 
EBBD Emergency Closings  11/4/2002 
EBCA  Vandelism Protection  6/1988 
EBD  Fuel Deliveries  Rescinded 4/10/2006 
EBG  Building Repairs  4/10/2006
EBH  Public Use of School Facilities  3/6/2006 
EBK   Mail Service 9/10/2007 
ED  Student Transportation Management  9/10/2007 
EDAA  Actvity Vehicles  5/7/2007 
EDCB  School Bus Discipline  9/10/2007 
EDD  Bus Scheduling and Routing  11/6/2006 
EDDA  Special Use of School Buses  11/6/2006 
EDDB  Walkers and Car Riders  4/1994 
EDF  Transportation Records 1981 
EE  Food Services Management


EFE Competitive Food Sales-Vending Machines 9/8/2014


Staff Insurance Program   9/11/2006 
EGAA  Workers' Compensation  6/1988 
EGAE  Annuities  1981 
EGB  Student Insurance Program 9/10/2007 
EGD  Tort Liability Insurance   9/1994