Sec. G - Personnel

Policy Code Policy Name Date Approved/Rescinded  
GAA Personnel Goals and Objectives  11/6/2006 
GAAA  Equal Opportunity Employment  5/7/2007 
GAD  Professional Development Opportunities  5/7/2007 
GAE  Complaints and Grievances for Certified and Non-Certified Employees 4/09/2012 
GAEB  Grievance Policy and Procedure for Non-Certified Employees (Replaced by policy GAE) Rescinded by GAE 4/9/2012
GAG  Staff Conflict of Interest  11/7/2011 
GAH  Staff Community Relations  1981 
GAI  Solicitations by and of Staff Members  8/1988 
GAJ  Gifts to Staff Members  8/1988 
GAK  Personnel Records and Files  8/1988 
GAMA  Rescinded by ADC  Rescinded 2/11/2008 
GAMB  Staffs Rights and Responsibilities (Substance Abuse and Assistance) 5/25/2017
GAMC  Employee Rights and Responsibilities (Harassment)  2/3/2003 
GB  Certified Personnel  8/1988 
GBA  Certified Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts  9/11/2006 
GBB  Certified Personnel Positions  1981 
GBC/GBD  Certified Personnel Recruitment and Hiring  10/4/2010 
GBE  Certified Personnel Assignment  1981 
GBEB  Staff Conduct  9/10/2007 
GBEBB  Staff Conduct with Students  07/06/2015
GBF  Certified Personnel Orientation  9/11/2006 
GBI  Evaluation of Instructional Staff  1/2005 
GBK  Suspension (Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of Professional Staff)  11/1/1999 
GBKA  Reduction in Certified Staff Work Force  1982 
GBM  Instructional Personnel Transfer  11/1993 
GBN  Certified Personnel Separation  11/1988 
GBO  Certified Personnel Resignation 9/11/2006 
GBQ  Certified Personnel Retirement  10/2/2000 
GBRA  Certified Personnel Health Examinations  7/1993 
GBRAA  Communicable Diseases - Certified  Employees See Policy CGPAA 
GBRGB Certified Personnel Tutoring for Pay  10/5/1987
GBRI Certified Personnel  Leaves and Absences  See Policy CGPG
GBRIA  Certified Personnel Emergency and Legal Leave (Jury Service)  10/2/2000 
GBRIB  Communicable Diseases - Certified Personnel  See Policy CGPAA 
GBRIC  Maternity Leave for Certified Personnel  See Policy CGPAA 
GBRID  Military Leave for Certified Personnel  See Policy CGPGD 
GBRJ  Substitute Teachers  10/4/2010 
GBRK  Vacations Twelve Months Certified Personnel 1981 
GBS  Professional Organizations  11/6/2006 
GBU  Professional Personnel Ethics  Rescinded 11/7/2011 & Replaced by GAG 
GC  Non-Certified Personnel  8/1988 
GCA  Non-Certified Personnel Compensation Guides  1981 
GCB  Non-Certified Personnel Positions  1981 
GCCAAA  Sick Leave Bank  3/6/2006
GCCAAA-R   Sick Leave Bank - Regulation 09/08/2008 
GCD   Non-Certified Personnel Hiring 10/04/2010 
GCQ   Non-Certified Personnel Retirement 11/6/2006 
GCRA   Non-Certified Personnel Health Examinations 11/6/2006 
GCRAA   Communicable Diseases - Non-Certified Employees See Policy CGPAA 
GCRG   Non-Certified Personnel Leaves and Absences 11/6/2006 
GCRGA   Non-Certified Personnel Emergency and Legal Leave 11/6/2006 
GCRGB   Communicable Diseases - Non-Certified Personnel See Policy CGPAA 
GCRGC   Maternity Leave for Non-Certified Personnel 11/6/2006 
GCRGD  Military Leave for Non-Certified Personnel 11/6/2006