Sec. I - Instructional Program

 Policy Code        Policy Name  Date Approved/Rescinded           
 IA   School District Mission Statement  5/1/2006 
 IAA   Academic Freedom  1981
 IB   Instructional Goals  9/11/2006
 IC   Curriculum Development  10/1998 
 ICD   Curriculum Development Pilot Projects or Experimental Programs  Replaced by ICDB 1993
 ICDA   Curriculum Development Pilot Projects   12/1994
 Experimental Programs  Rescinded 5/7/2007
 ICF   Curriculum Adoption  5/7/2007
 ID   Curriculum Design (Career/Transition-to-Work-Education)  11/1995
 IDA   Basic Instruction Program  5/1/2006
 IDAA   State Assessment Program  3/5/2001
 IDB   Health Education  12/5/2016
 IDBA   Physical Education  10/1996
 IDBB   Social Studies Education  5/1/2017
 IDCA   Summer/Extended Day Programs  5/1/2017
 IDCE   Advanced College Placement Programs  9/10/1984
 IDDB   Remedial/Compensatory (Early Childhood Assistance Programs,
Grades K-3 Academic Assistance Programs,Grades 4-12)
 IDDC   Homebound Instruction  5/1/2006
 IDDD  Gifted and Talented Programs  9/1988
 IDDE  Driver Education  5/1/2006
 IDDF  Special Education  5/1/2017
 IDDG  Child Development Programs  9/10/1984
 IDF  Extra-Curricular Activities  5/1/2006
 IDFA  Interscholastic Athletics   2/3/2003
 IDG  Adult Education  9/1988
 IDH  R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center  4/1993
 IEC  Class Size  5/1/2006
 IED  Scheduling for Instruction  5/1/2006
 IEK  Home School Requirements  4/10/2006
 IFAA  Textbook Selection and Adoption  6/1998
 IFAB  Supplementary Materials Selection,Adoption and Use  10/1988
 IFBA  Teacher Aides  1981
 IFBC  Instructional Materials Center  Rescinded 5/7/2007
 IFBDA  Professional Libraries   1981
 IFBE  Instructional Television  5/7/2007
 IFBGA  Technology and Instruction/Guideline for Use of Electronic Mail  8/1/2000
 IFCB  Field Trips  11/4/2013
 IFCD  School Volunteers  10/4/2010
 IG  Guidance Program  9/1988
 IHA  Grading System  5/7/2007
 IHAB  Report Cards  11/4/2013
 IHAC/IHAD  Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences  9/10/2007
 IHAK  Character Education  10/2/2000
 IHB  Homework  1981
 IHBH  Charter Schools 12/07/2015
 IHC  Method for Computing Class Rank   Replaced by IHA 5/2000
 IHE  Promotion-Retention-Acceleration of Students (K-8)  6/2/2014
 IHF  Graduation Requirements (Diplomas) 07/06/2015
 II  Testing Programs (Testing Security)  10/5/1998
 IJ  Evaluation of Instructional Program  1981
 IJC  Long-Range Planning (School District Goals and Objectives)  11/1995
 IJNDB  Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policy  6/28/2012
 IKA  Teaching Methods  1981
 IKB  Controversial Issues   1981
 IKBA  Controversial Speakers  1981
 IKC  Teaching about Religion  1981
 IKD  School Ceremonies and Observances  9/2002
 IKDA  Displaying the American Flag  11/5/2007
 IKDB  Pledge of Allegiance   9/1991