Sec. J - Students

Released Time for Religious Instruction.pdf
 Policy Code                  Policy Name  Date Approved/Rescinded
 JB   Attendance 10/1988 
 JBA  Compulsory Attendance Ages  9/10/2007
 JBB  Entrance Age  9/10/2007
 JBC  School Admissions  10/15/2008
 JBCD  Transfer and Withdrawals  1981
 JBD  Students Absences and Excuses  11/2004
 JC  Students Rights and Responsibilities  3/6/2006
 JCAB  Interrogations and Searches  9/1994
 JCAC  Sexual Harassment  8/1994
 JCAD  Harassment,Intimidation and Bullying  9/11/2006
 JCB  Student Involvement in Decision Making  1981
 JCD  Student Conduct  9/10/2007
 JCDA  Personal Electronic Devices  6/3/2013
 JCDAA  Rescinded by ADC   6/04/12
 JCDAB  Alcohol Use  1981
 JCDAC  Drug Use  6/1990
 JCDAE  Hazing  2/3/2003
 JD  Discipline  10/1988
 JDA  Corporal Punishment  1981
 JDD  Suspension  2/11/2008
 JDE  Expulsion  2/18/2008
 JE  Guidance Program  See Policy IG
 JGA  Student Insurance Program  See Policy EGB
 JGCB  Immunization  9/10/2007
 JGCC  Communicable Diseases-Students  11/5/2007
 JGCD  Administration of Medication  11/4/2013
 JGCD-A  Confidentiality of Medical Information  11/1995
 JCGE  Sports-Related Concussion Policy  2/6/2012
 JGF  Student Safety  1981
 JGFA  Emergency Drills  See Policy EBBC
 JGFC  Dismissal Precautions  1981
 JGFF  Automobile Use  11/5/2007
 JGFG  Accidents/First Aid and Emergency Care  11/5/2007
 JGG  Student Transportation  See Policies ED,EDAA,EDCB,EDD,EDDA
 JGGA  Walkers and Riders  See Policy EDDB
 JGH  Food Service  See Policy EE
 JHC  Student Clubs and Organizations  10/15/2008
 JHCA  Student Clubs  10/15/2008 Rescinded 
 JHCB  Student Government  1981
 JHCC  Released Time for Religious Instruction  11/4/2013
 JK  Student Solicitations  5/1994
 JL  Gifts  1981
 JLF  Student Welfare  11/3/2003
 JQB  Special Education Certificates  11/5/2007 Rescinded 
 JQE  Pregnant Studies  11/1993
 JQF  Married Students  11/1993
 JQG  Unwed Mothers  11/1993
 JR  Student Records  11/5/1990
 JRA  Fingerprinting  8/5/1985
 JS  Student Fees, Fines and Charges  11/5/2007