Sec. K - General Public Relations

 Policy Code         Policy Name  Date Approved/Rescinded     
 KA  Public Relations Goals and Objectives  9/10/1984 
 KAA Parent Involvement in Education  11/3/2003 
 KAB Parents Rights and Responsibilities  3/6/2017 
 KB Public Information Program 1981 
 KBA Public's Right to Know  11/5/2007 
 KBB School-Sponsored Information Media 1981 
 KBC News Media Relations  1981 
 KBCC Board Meeting News Coverage  See Policy BCBJ 
 KC Board-Community Relations  1981 
 KCA Public Participation in Board Meetings  See Policy BCBI 
 KD Staff-Community Relations  See Policy GAH 
 KDA Staff Participation in Community Activities  11/5/2007 
 KDC Solicitations by and of Staff See Policy JKB 
 KEA Invocation/Benediction at Public Events  4/1993 
 KEBB Solicitations by Students See policy JKB
 KEC Interviews with Students   See Policy JCAB 
 KG Public Use of School Facilities   See Policy EBH 
 KHA Awards and Scholarships  1981 
 KHB Contests and Awarding Prizes  1981 
 KHE Gifts to Schools  1981 
 KIB Special Interest Materials  1981 
 KM Visitors to Schools  3/6/2006 
 KN Appeals   3/6/2006 
 KNBAA Complaints about Instructional Materials 1981