October 30, 2014

ACT Aspire Results are Back

In May 2014 all students in Spartanburg School District Six, grades 3-8, took the ACT Aspire. This college readiness assessment differs from a state mandated test in several ways. This was the first year students were given a timed computer-based test in English, math, science, reading and writing. Also, students were required to use a keyboard for the writing portion of this assessment, a new experience for many students. This test will provide parents a better way to track their child's progress along the road to college readiness.

 We plan to continue using ACT Aspire in the future and will use these results to better individualize learning for our students. Please take time to review the information in this packet to understand how to read your child’s results. 

If you have not already received your child's results, they should be mailed home soon or sent home with your child. We also provided information on how to understand your child's ACT Aspire results. If you would like more information on ACT Aspire you may click here to visit the ACT Aspire website.

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