September 27, 2016

Individual Graduation Plans

Our goal is to prepare students for the career pathway of their choice. Whether they plan to attend college, go into the military or leave high-school and enter the workforce, District Six wants to provide the opportunities and tools necessary to help them become a success.

We encourage parents to play an active role in their child's academic planning process. Each year we hold Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) sessions to review each child's current and past academic progress, career interests, educational goals, and post-secondary plans and discuss course selections for the next school year. The IGP plan is developed during a conference between the student, counselor, and parents/guardian or designee. During this conference students and parents are provided with information, support and assistance in determining obtainable goals during and after high school.

Dorman Freshman Campus students:

Dorman High School students:

Seniors – Click here to schedule an IGP
Juniors – Call Peter Mezzanotte at 864-582-4347 ext. 3021
Sophomores –Click here to schedule an IGP

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