June 30, 2017

District Six Reading Camp

Congratulations to all District Six students who worked hard to reach their literacy goals during our Summer Reading Camp. District Six purchased backpacks and a package of 10 books for every student who completed the camps held at Arcadia, Jesse S. Bobo and Lone Oak Elementary School. 

Reading Mentors from Dawkins and Fairforest Middle worked with students on reading and writing. Westside Library partnered with D6 again this summer. Catie Cornwell, the Children's Librarian, worked with all three schools to enroll students in the Summer Reading Program. Students who read 15 books/15 hours received a free book. Those who read 30 books received an additional prize. Our rising fourth graders received the book, prize, and a t-shirt because they read 50 books each.

Barnes & Noble worked with us again this year. Each student kept a book log of their 8 favorites including a brief review. They received a free book.

Katherine Malmquist (AES librarian) and Cheryl Earl (intern) were instrumental in students' reading success. They led small reading groups every week. On these days, students received instruction in groups of 5 for one hour. They loved the extra attention and looked forward to those two days a week.

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