April 08, 2011

Medal of Honor Recipient Visits DHS

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Mike Thornton recently shared his story of courage and bravery with students at Dorman High School and Dorman Freshman campus.  Mr. Thornton is a retired U.S. Navy Seal, born in Greenville, SC who demonstrated extraordinary courage and perseverance in Vietnam. He was directly responsible for saving the life of his superior officer, Mr. Thomas Norris, who was also present at the recent assembly.  Mr. Thornton encouraged students to set goals and to also exhibit tenacity in times of difficulty, the same ideals DHS educators are teaching students through the Congressional Medal of Honor Character Education Program implemented this year. Dorman is the only school in the state chosen to participate in this program which incorporates the ideals of courage and selfless service into the curriculum to build character and promote responsible citizenship.   


Pictured below, Mr. Mike Thornton, left speaks about the bond between he and Mr. Thomas Norris (right).

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